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A brilliant album, filled with great songs: Music reviews on My Buddy Moose "IV"

Even before it was officially released our new album has gained attention and praise by music critics. The final confirmation came at the end of 2017 when numerous newspapers, radio shows and web sites began announcing their "best of the year" lists.

We are happy, proud and honored that our album "IV" was on most of them as one of the best albums not only in Croatia but also one of the best records in surrounding region.

The album was recorded by Matej Zec in GIS Studio in Kastav, mixed by Matthew Emerson Brown, mastered by Levi Seitz from Black Belt Studios in Seattle and produced by My Buddy Moose with Matej Zec and Matthew Emerson Brown.

The latest single is After The Feeling Is Gone 

Here are some excerpts from music reviews  

"New album by My Buddy Moose, just released on vinyl, is full of great songs ranging from americana, 60's pop, psychedelic to ballads that combined with superb playing show the full potential of one of the best domestic bands" , Hrvoje Horvat, Večernji list

"A brilliant record and one of those rare bloody great albums without a weak moment that show the band in full creative strength endlessly enjoying their work" Željko Ljubobratović,

"After this album we can only conclude that My Buddy Moose are one of the best European Americana bands. The only question being who will be the first outside Croatia to discover them" Dubravko Jagatić, Nacional

"Siimply a great album by perfectly inspired band"- Zlatko Gall, Slobodna Dalmacija

''No matter the language they sing on, they are one of the best Croatian bands"' - Aleksandar Dragaš, Jutarnji list

"My Buddy Moose have put together ten new songs that make an impressive record which will infatuate the critics and hopefully the wider audience" Siniša Miklaužić,

"This albums represents a step forward in all the areas for My Buddy Moose, there are no bad songs or fillers here. Although they are leaning on the sound from their previous records they are showing their readiness for something more", Rockomotiva

"My Buddy Moose have come a long way from likeable cowboys infatuated with Americana to this brilliant record that opens the doors to a new audience," Vlado Simcich Vava, Rif magazin .

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