My Buddy Moose is a four member band from Rijeka, Croatia, assembled in September 2004.

Different pop music genres, ranging from rock’n’roll and punk to soul and country, influenced their music. Searching for their mode of expression in the realm of what Gram Parsons named cosmic American music they have been drawing their inspiration from the sensibility of Gram Parsons, Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt as well as from the garage energy of The Sonics and The Stooges.

Band released their first album, self titled album My Buddy Moose, in 2006. It was produced by Dalibor Pavicic from The Bambi Molesters and was greeted by much critical acclaim. They played a lot of concerts and shared the stage with numerous performers such as Steve Wynn, The Saints, The Strange, Franz Ferdinand and Howe Gelb (Giant Sand).

In 2010. the band released their second album called Wonderful Feeling of Emptiness with the help from numerous guest including Howe Gelb and Chris Eckman, the leader of Walkabouts.

The album was again highly appreciated by the critics and their fans and was named as one of the best albums of the year in Croatia. My Buddy Moose continued to play a lot of gigs in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia including shows with Mark Olson, Howe Gelb, The Bambi Molesters...

Both albums were pronounced "Album of the year" by the influential Muzika.hr web site.

In 2012. My Buddy Moose also participated in the Projekt R.E.M.: Pure Energy Music. The project paid tribute to the songs of R.E.M. with 16 songs by 15 popular Slovenian and Croatian artists, all covering classic R.E.M. songs. My Buddy Moose played and recorded Driver 8 with Chris Eckman.

In the spring of 2012. band started to record their third album called "Shine! Shine! Shine!" with legendary Chris Eckman as the producer. Album was recorded live and was published at the start of 2013. Like previous two albums, Shine!Shine!Shine! was greeted by unanimous critical acclaim while the band continued to play numerous shows and festivals including gigs in London and Liverpool.

In 2017. their fourth album simply called IV was released and immediately proclaimed as their best work so far and one of the best albums of the year. Most reviews emphasized great songs and the bands courage to step outside their familiar territory searching for new ways to express themselves.

Among other shows, My Buddy Moose played alongside Alejandro Escovedo and Mark Olson on Sea Rock Festival in Kotor, Montenegro and as a backing band for M.Ward on Zedno Uho Festival in Primosten, Croatia.

The band continues to play live shows as much as possible always working on new songs.